Thursday, August 18, 2011


Day: 06 childhood memory
I have a lot of child hood memories, but when it comes to thinking about my childhood. i can only think of one thing...batman! those toys where always there for me to play. i would have to do chores to earn enough points to go buy a toy.
i remember getting this toy when i was about 7 years old and it was the coolest. and it is to this day! i dont know what ever happened to it. i have looked for it online but its not complete.
you never see the batman legends anymore, all you see is the dark knight toys with christian bale
Another childhood memory of mine is the radio flyer traveler. i would put the most randomest things on there and go from one side of the yard to the other. plus go to craig park that has huge hills and go down with my dad. but knowing kids they always want to go faster, so i would get a running start and jump on. but then it started braking since i would leave it in the rain(like every kid out there lol).
It was like the one in the picture but the side could be taken off easily.

Day: 005

Day: 05 someone you love
My mom smoking a small cigar
One person that i love would have to be my mother. She understands everything i go through and listens. She tries to help me with any problem i have.

Next person is my father. he and my mother raised me right. Even though we fight a lot, we always find ways to have fun and talk.

Last but not least is my sister. We used to fight but we have fun and crack jokes plus act like kids sometimes.

These are all the people i love and put up with all my stuff. i couldnt trade them for any other family

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Day 04: something green
i should of posted this yesterday, but i never got the chance to do it, plus i left my camera at home. but later on i will do one of day 5 and thats a high angle photo. i plan on going to the beach for the day 5 entry
i cant think of anything thats green except the grass outside!
i remembered seeing this Peterson st. patricks day pipe 2008
          Its a nice pipe but its a funny looking one too! Because of the green. I wouldnt buy it out of the blue, but it would be a nice pipe to add to my collection.
          One day i do hope to buy a large pipe, like an ardor, mario grandi, and/or a magnum. You see pipefriendchs(youtube) with a lot of large pipes, you should check out his youtube channel, besides talking about pipes and cigars. He talks about stuff going around the world. Plus he talks about news in a humorous ways.
Here is a link to his youtube page:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day: 003

Day 3- A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

my favorite show of all time and i still watch to this day would have to be the simpsons! i have all the seasons and i watch them every day
i dont watch any of the new simpsons, i just stick to the classics
hopefully i can get ned flanders when he was a kid tattooed on my leg!

Monday, August 15, 2011

1920's mugshots

thanks to the dandy man can blog (look it up on my follows). i found this website with mug shots of my favorite era! the 1920's! looking at the site and blog makes you want to learn more about that era and dress like them.
click on here! to go to the website! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day: 002

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
hes the one getting his ass handed to him
 my friend ivan, hes almost my brother. he gets what i tell him and understands what i go through
what a character

Day: 001

Day 1- A picture of yourself with ten things.
1. i love smoking my pipes(tobacco)
2. i love photography
3. i love watching the simpsons
4. collecting antiques
5. listening to jazz
6. practicing to become a barber
7. i want to start going to random places
8. go hiking more
9. i love zombies
10. some how everyone likes my dog except for me

i dont know anything about myself...

Saturday, August 13, 2011


As of Today(8/13/11)! Im going to start the 30 day photography challenge. and see where it takes me!
that means i have to take my camera with me everywhere, ive got more confidence to do it! im writing on here so i dont forget even i forget everything at night when i dont write it down! there are many different photo challenges with different categories. im going to look some up and decide which one to do.

on another note while i was looking for a picture of a camera. i found a picture of this camera mounted on the butt of a rifle. dont worry it doesnt shoot bullets, it shoots pictures! (corny! haha)
(i forgot the copyright of the website, sorry!)

Friday, August 12, 2011

when you walk into an empty room...

these are some of the tattoos that i got
its the crest of the beard and mustache coalition.
i got the stonecutters tattoo. on my ankle.
my parents were not happy when they discovered my tattoos. i dont know what they are going to do when i get more, hopefully i dont get kicked out lol
i cant wait to get ned flanders when he was a kid on my leg and a lot more ideas

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

walking and getting lost....

sorry i haven't written in a while. my computer broke down a while ago and ive been using the labtop. its hard to load up images and links. so next time i write on this i will have my computer fixed.
i got a couple of tattoos. i got the gentleman's beard and mustache coalition. i became a member last month! plus i got the stonecutters tattoo on my foot(the simpsons reference). i cant wait for the L.A. beard and mustache competition. in 6 days! i will try to take pictures. my mustache anniversary is coming up in 2 months! i dont know what i will do to celebrate. also me and my friend are going to start to grow out our beards! we will try to recruit everyone to put their razors one for a while and grow!
here is the link to the L.A. competition
plus ive been getting a lot of pipes from people. thanks a lot! so far i have 30 pipes! now im having a hard time picking which pipe to smoke! i will try to take a picture to show everyone
i started learning about how to become a barber. i started straight shaving people. im really good! some people say. i try to get appointments to shave people. but i do have to travel. plus cutting peoples hair. my mom is teaching me since she has a degree in barbering (i think thats what you call you)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

to smoke a pipe

    At the coffee shop after seeing my cousins bands play. my house doesnt have internet anymore. i have to look for another internet provider. but i got 4 new pipes and some peterson sherlock holmes tobacco for my sherlock holmes jar. i have to take a picture of the cool new pipes. but i brought them here to smoke. they are called " wally frank"i bought 4 for only $25! i counted all the pipes i have, i have 26 pipes in my room, 24 that i bought and 2 that i made. but im going to post up pictures of my trip to san francisco. all i can say is life is going good right now...
tunnel before leaving

sighting of a banksy art work

brooklyn bride(i know its not called that)

a park we found

its funny what the sign say( no stopping cat!)

waiting for the cable car

alcatraz from afar
    my friend was right, there is a lot of art in san francisco. i was too busy seeing everything to pull out my camera and take pics. i blame myself. next trip we are going to las vegas

on another note i took this picture in my "studio" and liked it a lot. i got the bandana from GBMC.

nobody knows that the id number is from my name is earl. when earl went to jail, that was his number
"my name is 28301-016" - Earl Hickey

Sunday, June 19, 2011

walking down the street

Decided on having a late night pipe. I dont feel like writing today. the only thing i did this week was go to san francisco. i'll post some pictures up and write more tomorrow.
I found a video of harold lloyd. its really good

    As most of my friends know i love jazz and the whole early 1900's. Besides listening to THE SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS all the time. i do know about more bands
a video that i found thanks to HENRIK was

I found 2 pipe stores in San Francisco. one was on market street and the other was  in front of fishermans warf. i bought the tin "salvanelli special tobacco" and at the other i bought a house blend cigar and calabash pipe. when i got home from my trip i noticed i got another pipe in the mail. it was a dr. grabow viking pipe
im going to sign out since i hear a bunch of kids outside my house

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

    I got my new pipe couple of days ago.
when i was looking at it on eBay. i thought it wasnt a good looking pipe. but since i dont have any money, i thought what the hulk, i'll get it! it only cost $12. but when i got it in the mail it looked o-k. i noticed the  mouthpiece was a little discolored and i asked my friend how he cleaned his. i did what he told me and it looked almost new! it smokes good and is easy to hold in my mouth. i guess i should have thought about the quote "dont judge a book by its cover."  i counted how many pipes i have and discovered that i have 20 pipes!
                                                                              its about 5" long and 2" high
       This is my "beat laboratory" what i mean by that is i sit here and write in my blog or read if i want to have a pipe. Like ive said before i'll occasionally have a cigar while doing this. but its a lot harder when you have a cigar in your mouth and your trying to pipe. even though i have a lucky strike ash tray. it wont hold a cigar. but i managed to still type.
       Also i joined this pipe smokers blog. there should be a blue button on the side. it will direct you to another blog that has a list of pipe smokers with their own blogs and ideas!

      On memorial day, i was completely surprised by what i saw and heard. My father and i were looking for a place to eat. but knowing it was memorial day i knew a lot of shops would close early. we decided to go to a subway. the one nearest to our house. we went and with our luck. it was closed! so we decided to go to a mom and pop burger joint. when we were getting near. we saw a subway about a block away and it was open. we went and we were ordering our subs. The lady was nice that was making our food. when it came to pay. she started talking in spanish. so knowing my dad he asked" so you know spanish" and she replied "yes i do." funny thing was she wasnt mexican haha. she told us that she was from Russia. i was surprised. she started telling us that she would constantly visit South America and learned the language. Though i thought that i hated being around people. i thought people were just simple minded(atleast the people that live around me). and here was this lady that knew russian, english, and spanish. people like that are hard to find these days. to actually go and learn another language. or to even try to learn something new. those are the people im proud of. Im having a hard time trying to learn french. but i still keep trying.
       On Friday (6-3-11) i was at home bored out of my mind. i had nothing to do. my friend told me about this art walk that Fullerton has ever month. so i decided to go. i went to this first place that was in an alley(what a great place for an art gallery) when i entered the gallery. i saw this little kid like the age of 7 drawing his heart out. he was trying to draw a person. you could buy a picture if you donated $1 for the foundation. it was cute seeing draw something out. knowing me i didnt have any money so i couldnt buy one of his master pieces. i walked along the area seeing the art work of many people from all ages and experiences. it inspired me to work more on my photography. i took my camera and took pictures of the places that i went to. i had no one to take so i was there by myself.
          The next day i went to the gentlemans beard and moustache coalition art show, it was called "play at your own risk" i took my friend mark and introduced him to everyone. they gave us a beer(we are of age to drink) and walked around seeing everything. there are some art that i would have never thought about doing. after that my friend had to go to sleep to get up super early to go to work. with having nothing to do. i went to my cousins gig in a bar in Whittier. i saw them play and it was awesome. its always fun seeing them play live.
            Just yesterday i had the opportunity to get my smiley pierced again. the picture isnt my mouth but its to show what i got. it didnt hurt at all. a lot of people dont like it. but i like it. ive had it before and took it off since i was visiting the dentist to get a check up and what not. so i decided to take it off. i contacted my piercer and told her if she could do it again and she said yes. i finally went and got it done. the next thing i want to do is get a dermal anchor. it cost about $60 to do it. but i have to say money. i want to get it on my ring finger. to it could mean that i wont get married since marriage has gone down over the years. people think im crazy but i dont want to get married. i want to live alone. but they just say that i will find someone. i gave up on finding someone and trying to make it work.
           On a good note i fixed my pipe lighter. before it didntzippo pipe lighter. that was made for pipe tobacco. today i looked at it and messed around with it. and i noticed that the spark wasnt close to the part that lets out gas. i moved it over and was surprised that it did work. so now i can save money and use my lighter. it also has tools for the pipe so thats a plus.
            In a couple of days im going to be making a trip to San Francisco! i know i talked about it before im excited to go.
I recently saw the hangover 2 and it was funny. i heard a lot of reviews about it. but my friend wanted to see it. i wanted to see Thor but i thought eh what the hulk lets go see it! i did like the movie and it was funny. there were some surprises in there that i didnt expect. plus i liked it more because Ed Helms is super funny.  he is really funny on the show "the office" i love that show. i tend to tell me people that it is my "novela." people look at me weird when i say that but i like to see the show on my free time(which is all the time haha)

         To end this thing im going to share a funny story that happened to me when i was in high school. it was 2008 my last year of high school. i had a photography class and i had a girlfriend during that time that had that class. i dont know how long we were together. but we were in the dark room developing some pictures. it was dark but there was a light that made it easier for us to see. but it was still dark! so we were there and i thought "hey! ill give her a kiss" so i went for it and completely missed! and poked her eye with my nose! she immediately said "oww my eye!" and walked out. after finally my brain processed everything that just happened i started laughing out loud! i think everyone outside could of heard me. i went outside and saw her with her friends holding her eye. i tried to hold back the laughter. i cant remember what happened after that but i know we joked about it a lot after that. it kind of reminds me of the show Doug and what happened to him with the girl he liked. if the lady that got her eye poked by me and your reading this, im sorry. but it was funny though.
if your trying to be a good boyfriend and you try to land a surprise kiss. just think about what would happen. and dont let it happen to you!          

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pull in case of emergency

I am smoking a pipe that i made! i couldnt find a big drill bit to make the hole bigger so im stuck with a hole the size of my pinky. it smokes ok. im thinking of making a pipe as a present for my friends on christmas. i guess i have to start working on them. even though only 3 of my friends smoke a pipe i would make some for the rest as a shelf piece haha. its hard wanting to buy another pipe with no money.
this is the 2nd pipe i make. i dont know the wood. but it was hard to make the shape.
i had a topic to talk about today but i seemed to forgot it. damn! and i wanted to talk about something besides my rant about my views and problems.

Ive never smoked a cigar by myself. usually im with my friend that smokes cigars( i got him into pipe smoking). but i guess today is the day im going to. i am smoking a nestor miranda 1989 cigar. ive had it before and it was not that bad. ive been parring beers and cigars, and i have found that stone arrogant bastard ale goes good with a liga privada. if you cant afford it like me then i recomend going to a cigar shop and getting a house blend for way cheaper and almost taste the same. ive had the urge to smoke a cigar when i have been at home but never got around to do it. BUT when i thought about having a pipe the only problem was choosing what pipe and what tobacco.  but now that i have "manned up" and actually smoked a cigar while typing this. i think about what che guevara said "A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier".
to me it means that even though your alone a cigar is always there to keep you company(im just dumbing it down) ive remember i started into smoking cigars then later i got into pipe smoking. but during that time (when i had a job) i would buy cigars, i found a place in brea that was a cigar lounge. everyone that i met that smoked a cigar said " its an expensive habit" haha which we would start laughing. but from time to time i still have cigar. now that i think about it(off note) i should of made myself a cup of coffee to go with this cigar and rant about smoke. haha. im already half way through the cigar and it is real good. my cousin taught me a trick when you get to the end of a cigar when it starts tasting bad. he taught me how not to make it taste bad. haha i dont know how else to put it. but its your lucky day if you dont know this already. its the patty secret formula! 
when your cigar gets sour. just blow into the cigar for a while. it causes the oils that have moved back to get pushed forward and get burned. it will cause the cigar to get rid of its bad taste. im pretty sure a lot of cigar smokers know this trick. but there you go, you now know the secret!

   I went to my first meeting of the gbmc( gentelmans bear and moustache coalition) it was awesome! i had fun at the bar with them. there were people with awesome looking moustaches and one guy with a long beard. when i first got there i didnt know what to do. so i headed straight for the bar. a guy next to me complimented on my moustache and went over to the group of people of the coalition. i got a guiness. and headed towards the group. when i stood next to them for about 2 seconds alone. then turned around and greeted me and showed me everyone in the group. at first i was nervous but everyone was cool. we laughed we cried(haha im kidding about the last part) we swapted stories and had a blast. after that i didnt want to go home so i headed over to the coffee shop that was till open at 1 a.m. i sat there reading articles on blogger till 3 a.m. then headed home and slept.
All my friends are going some where this weekend. so im going to be home all by myself. but then again i am always alone haha. but i decided that im not going to Tennessee but instead im making a road trip to San Francisco. i know nobody wants to go or even able to go. so i guess im going by myself. which is ok. im only going for 2-3 days to take some pictures and look around. i found a nice hotel next to chinatown and its a pretty kool neighborhood. the only thing that concerns me is getting mugged or anything like that. since looking at myself i look like a kid haha. but i do guess its ok to go. i dont know anyone that would want to go. im basicly paying for everything. what to do i mean me paying, its my parents paying since im not going to Tennessee. so i have to figure out how much everything is going to cost. i was supposed to go a while back but all the people that were going to go bailed on me, so i had to postpone my trip but now im going for sure
    i guess i did end up ranting about myself. but in a positive way! next time im going write down what i am going to talk about. i didnt come prepared with notes as some teachers like to say.

Friday, May 20, 2011

what to do now....

Its been a while since i have logged into this. many ideas have ran through my head, so many options and theories. well... i finally got my beach cruiser and it has saved me a lot of gas. i ride to school and to places that i usually would take my car. i have stopped drinking since ive been noticing a "beer belly". im trying to eat healthy and not a lot of junk food. but there are times i get really hungry at school and give in and get junk food. and i get mad at myself after i realize what i have done. i have not started working out even though i should start to get in shape and get ready for beach season haha. Even though i only like to go to the beach when its cloudy. i dont even go in the water only when my friend plans trips to dana point. i still dont have a job, i recently started applying at jobs but never for a mcjob(food jobs). but its a little hard to apply when i am about to go to Tennessee for about 2 weeks. i miss it there, its so quite and peacefull. Which brings me to my next topic,solitude. ive been mostly been by myself, which i do like but there are times i wish people would call me to hang out and get a cup o' coffee.
        Funny thing is that i have to write a paper about social networking. which i did enjoy writting since i wrote about how it have ruined lives and made more people depended on technology. Just imagine 3 pages about a kid ranting about how technology has ruined lives. its funny. i believe in the good o' days were men were men and women were women. not to be sexist but where the man was in charge and the lady didnt have to worry about anything. im getting alittle off topic but we dont need "smart phones" or social networking sites. we are depending too much on technology. instead of stopping for directions we have screens to tell us where to go. and to leave someone a message we go on their page and leave a "message" also known as a comment. now people are talking behind a screen instead of getting together and talking. When you invite someone to hang out and talk they mostly ask about where and with who. if its nothing that they can get ahead on. they wont even bother to go. mostly 75% of so-called friends that i have asked to hang out. said no or they got things planned and wont bother to contribute another day. But i have gotten used to being alone and peffer it now. and when i go to the bar with my friend i see people on their phones on facebook. its a sad world out there.
        On a plus, i did go see Danzig and Amon Amarth live. it was fun! i went into the mosh pit and had a blash moshing with people double my size. i did get tossed around but i knew how to handle it. even though i went to those shows i still mostly listen to jazz and blues. right now im getting into playing blues guitar. its hard but im taking it show. my friend told me something funny when i told him that i was getting into blues guitar. he said "the bad thing about blues guitar is that you get stuck into blues and cant leave" haha we started laughing out loud.
         Ive been working on my photography and been getting better at it. i made my little "studio" in my garage where i have a lot of lights hooked up and a bed sheet as a background. i am my own model so i have to put the timer and run back and forth with taking pictures. seeing what i did wrong and what i can change. On a better note my friend asked me to be his photographer for his wedding. im scared but excited to get the ball rolling on my photography. he asked me and came by to see my work, but it was a little imberrasing showing portraits of myself. i still need to buy a lot of camera stuff before the wedding. he offered to buy the things i need for the wedding. but i said i'll buy them.
        So far a way ive been making money besides my mom giving $40 a week for gas. ive been driving around going to thrift stores and buying antiques and selling them online. i have found a lot of cool stuff that i want to keep but i know i have to sell them to make money. i bought this reproduction ayers sasperella sign that was cool, and i had to post it online so far no one has called me to buy it. but i did make some money selling my dads camper. he told me that if i sale it i can keep half. a guy texted me that he wanted it and to save it for him. then another guy called me and asked to buy it for more. but i kept my word and told the guy no. he understoud. i am a man of my word. plus it helped that my dad talked to me and i was reading a lot on the website
         To end tonight i am at mcClains coffee house ALONE. its been a while that i have gone out alone late. i used to do it at starbucks but they banned smoking. so im enjoying my coffee and smoking my pipe :] its nice being alone, you get to do whatever you want and when you want with out asking anyone what they want to do. but there are times i come with my friend mark. a old friend of mine even though i do get mad at him sometimes haha. with other friends it always ends up doing what ever they want and i just tag along. one of my friends never wants to go to the coffee house late at night or in the day. he says its lame and people think abunch of bullcrap. so he rather go to the bar and spend $5 on a beer than $1.50 on a coffee and get to sit down and relax while we dont have to scream to each other like at bars. i have a lot of stuff to write but i'll save it for another night. and maybe later on ill post up some pics of my photography. haha and i still havent written in my journal. but i did get a blank book where i draw at school on my free times. i guess tonight im not ending it with a crazy way to end a sentence or something cool. life is deppressing.... yeah i'll end it with that

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keep up

I havent done anything lately, ive been to a few beer tasting
on thursday i went to my local coffee shop and while having my coffee, i saw a guy smoking his pipe. i immediately went up to him and asked him about his tobacco. we talked for awhile about our pipes and where we get them. turns out he was there because starbucks had kicked him out for his pipe smoking. i was mad that i didnt take my pipe and lite up with him. the one day i dont take my pipe to school and i see another pipe smoker. i went home soon after that and smoked my pipe. i want to get another pipe!
Also i left my friend borrow my camera for a week. and turns out that i blew up with ideas with taking pictures but didnt have my camera. i want it back! i was going to do one a couple days ago with having a 2L bottle with holes in it and tie it up to a tree and take a shower while taking pictures like in the wilderness(with pants on of course). Now im just bored at home with nothing to do except draw study my french or watch a movie. but i dont feel motivated to do anything. ive been feeling down lately that i dont want to go out at all. and when i do i just regret and wish i was locked up in my room. I also need to buy a beach cruiser to ride around and not waste gas. i would bike to school and save some gas. Plus bring my camera along to take some pictures on the way. also smoke my pipe on the way to school. the breeze passing through me as i ride since its getting hot lately. hopefully tomorrow i get my camera back, i dont feel complete with out it. i miss my camera.
I entered a contest on Facebook(the only reason i got it was to enter the contest) when it was over i was going to delete it. but i didnt win i got runner up so i might win something.
Right now im just sitting here thinking of what to do while listening to benny goodman on my vinyl player. i might just go out and smoke a pipe before going to sleep
Thats me smoking my Peterson pipe while wearing my red Pendleton and taking pictures for the pendleton contest

And for the first time i smoked the pipe i restored from 1957 dr.grabow, this is me smoking it for the first time

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick Day

I got sick the other day so im just resting at home. i have a sore throat and basiclly a cold. i was watching movies all day and i remembered about chris farley. hes so funny! a comedic hero of mine. especially the skit about him living in a van down by the river and giving a talk to kids about drugs.
i couldnt smoke my pipe today, i was about to go but i felt dizzy. hopefully tomorrow. since i have to do a lot of things for school on tuesday. i started drawing also again. its been a while but i guess since its been a while ive gotten rusty at it. this is one drawing i did at school.
it looks better in person. but i got some good comments when i was drawing it in class. people thought i printed the eye out haha. i need to practice on my drawing real life. i like drawing surrelism like slavador dali
hopefully if im better tomorrow i'll go take a trip to the library to print out some stuff for school and take pictures on the way.
i hate being sick...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i got the idea of dressing up and taking pictures. but its hard to take pictures with one person. running back and forth. i try to capture the image of being in the early 1900's. i have many picture ideas but i need another person but i never get around to contacting them or doing it. either it rains or we had to do something.
above: hearing news that we are going to war
                                                                     waiting for the train that never came
                                                    relaxing from a hard days work

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who knows

i finally wrote in my actuall journal last night, last time i wrote on it was 1-2-11
i cant find nothing to do anymore life is not fun. or i cant find anything to do. you could say im slowly going back into my deppression. i mostly spend my days alone or cant find anything to do. i just want to go out and discover the world. but its all about money and i dont have a job. we are all programed to live life on money or if you dont have the latest technology. if you dont have it then your an outsider. all the commercials on t.v. brainwash you to go out and get the lastest "ipad" or even cars. you cant rielly on technology since they are coming out with the newest thing every month. what happened with trusting one thing you bought and it being new for a while.

when im in the mood to draw or take pictures. its too late. im either tired or have to go to sleep. my mind works in different ways. it feels like i have to stay up for days to get the ball rolling. for many things running through my mind. cant seem to know what to write about.

trying to find a woman is hard in this world. they are too into themselves. what ever happened to women back in the early 1900's(even though i wasnt alive during that time). i try to live my life like a real man. being a gentleman the whole 9 yards. if i could find a girl with the same idealism as me. i would be set and happy for the rest of my life. i know she wouldnt cheat on me like the women now a days. i guess im destined to be alone for the rest of my life. i guess im ok with that. women always go for the "bad boys" but then you hear about them talking about them, that they arent happy and they get treated bad. what about guys like me? the nice guys that like to treat a woman nice.

im going to try to go out more often. i dont have a bike. like a beach cruiser, since my friend got it stolen and rejects to buying me another one. i really did like that bike. then i would carry my camera and take more pics. but now i have to use my car and waste gas that i need to go to school. i want to find a job but its hard to actually go out and look for one. since my last job changed my mind about everything. i would like to work at barnes and nobles book store. i do enjoy reading a lot of books. just to escape this so called world. plus it passes the time. when im waiting for my classes to start. im usually outside having a cig or a pipe while reading a book.

i do like being alone. but there is times i wish to be with my friends or even someone to talk to. i see life in a complete different way. its hard to write what goes on in my head. i think im going crazy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Salvador Dali

i submitted this online, its my tribute to salvador dali. but i should of made it look more like the pic

i love photography, i have a deviant art profile that i upload pics. i used to have a myspace for it but decided to delete it. i wish i could carry my camera with me everywhere but im afraid of getting it stolen, since i dont have a job. i see so many great things everywhere but i dont have my camera. i was thinking about using my phone but its not the same.
yes! i started smoking my pipes again! the only reason i didnt smoke them, was because it was too cold outside but now it seems ok to go out and smoke my pipe while i walk my dog.. but i havent taken my pipes to school. but i will one day. at school it seems im the only one with a handle bar moustache. theres been times where i wanted to shave it. but i kept it, knowing i would regret it in the end. i guess im just looking for a girlfriend but no one wants a guy who has a moustache(haha). ive said before that i would keep my moustache even though i might be single for the rest of my life.
i have no money to buy any pipes, but i do have a lot of tobacco. i was smart to buy different ones in bulk.
i carry around a little black note book that fits in my pocket, so i can write down ideas or reminders. It has been working well! i have so many pic ideas when im outside. everyman should carry; a hankercheif, note book, and a comb! i love learning about the idealism of man, the was a man should be and carry himself. while taking care of his family and lady. im an old fashion guy.
now a days i see people and they are rude to one another. it makes me sick being in public with anyone like that. why cant you just walk down the street and say hello to a random stranger. or not even be afraid of getting "jumped" or mugged by anyone. society has let me down. dont get me wrong there is some nice people out in the world. but i guess they are too busy staying at home and afraid of meeting people. times have change, even though i didnt live through the old times. i still believe to this day i was born in the wrong time. i sometimes look at pictures and wish i could be there. not like now where technology is almost scratching your ass for you. it seems times were simplier back then. people rely too much on technology.
p.s. i still havent written in my journal. i guess some day my children will not know how it was to live in this time haha.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Close yet far

i haven't written on this in a while, ive been too busy doing random stuff. but it has felt like i havent done anything
on feb 15 was my birthday, and on the saturday the 19 i threw a party. it got crazy but no cops came. everyone had fun. i have no money so i havent bought a pipe in a while even though i quit my job
i saw one of my favorite band play and it was a 21+(i turned 21 on the 15)
i havent done much, just living day by day and trying to have fun
i dont make plans so when people ask me what ive done i just simply reply "i dont know i cant remember" haha
heres  some pics of the party and i'll try to write in this. i still havent written in my journal but i need too
thats me and my cousin haha
lets see what i'll do tomorrow and write and get my head together since of school

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

just posting up a video. Im too tired from hiking in the snow, i'll post up another thing about the hiking
They also have other good songs, like my personal favorite: we used to wait(from snl) & Sprawl II
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting/Rory Gallagher

i didnt do anything all day, so i decided to finish the painting. but i realized that it was coming out bad and i started putting random stuff on it.
             I went today to walk my dogs and smoke a pipe while listening to music. Nobody walks our dogs in my house, so i decided to walk them. The dogs havent been out on a walk that they would choke them selves and bark like crazy at dogs. Weird thing was that nobody was outside, like a zombie apocalypse happened. finished my pipe by the time i got home. Plus i sent my pendletons and pea coat to get dry cleaned and it only cost me$7! and they told me that it would be done by 4 'o clock saturday.
              i rediscovered my favorite guitar hero. Rory Gallagher, his music has helped me throught depression and lonely times. I was listening to him loud in my car while i made a trip to guitar center for some strings. One song i started playing on the guitar was "a million miles away"

Another good song from his is "bullfrog blues"

  theres lots more good songs from him
When they asked jimi hendrix " How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world?"
he replied "i dont know, ask rory gallagher"

Friday, January 7, 2011


I went to the thrift store, and i found pendletons! for only $20! it was a steal!
the first one i bought i paid $ 100, but it was a different style. but im going to take them tomorrow to get dry clean along with my pea coat. So far i have 3 shirts, i wanted to have atleast 7 for a shirt one day out of the year. The dry cleaners is right next to the islands cigar lounge, so i can have a cigar while i wait for my clothes to get dry cleaned

On the other note i took the movie hang 'em high with clint eastwood at islands, but i didnt get to finish it. right now im watching the movie "The Little Rascals." I never realized that the movie is filled with older people jokes. There's a part when darla is talking to alfalfa and she says" alfalfa, arent you going to be my boy toy?" haha. I dont remember that part or noticed all those parts when i would watch that movie when i was a kid. This movie makes me laugh. If you want your kids to grow up corrupted like the rest of us then let them see this movie....just kidding.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, Childhood Memories

This time im writing about childhood memories, not about villains haha
i found this video years ago, but i recently found it and it made me realize about getting that present you always wanted. haha im pretty sure not every one went crazy like this kid

it makes me laugh every time, i remember when i got my first nintedo-64, my father hid it and showed us the box, and told my sister and i to look for it(he hid it in the closet). we were excited to find it, the game that came with it was "diddy kong racing" we had a lot of fun playing it and inviting my cousins and friends to play.
Looking at pictures, makes me think that it was easier when you were a child. You didnt have to work or pay rent or even deal with things that you deal today. You would go to school then go home and play video games or play with toys. good times
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