Wednesday, December 12, 2012

re-light my pipe!

Give me a second to step outside and light up my pipe....alright, ready to write
I'm on my finals week of college, i already finished my photo and bio final. i really needed to pass my bio class. i havent posted in a while because ive been feeling gloomy plus every day that passed by i noticed i  would have to write more! but tonight i have some time to actually sit down smoke my pipe and write
i really dont know where to start....i still have my moustache here is a picture of me when i went out with my girlfriend to BJ's
i need more followers! i've read online to stay short but i say humbug! i will write what i like or about me! but i really would like to have people look up my stuff or something. but im still good, so much contriversital stuff going on with the misses. as you can see from the picture(figure 2.1) i like to dress up. i got another pendleton that i will post up when i take a picture.
be sure to look up my tumblr: malarkeys11
same goes for instagram and twitter
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