Sunday, August 18, 2013

midnight stroll

     Well, now that the summer program is over. Much has changed...if your still reading my blog, ha! so much has changed in my life. i returned home from UCLA and was at home for a week. i tried to get in my regular ruitine again. then after a week i went back and picked up my girlfriend. everything is great, though some times well you know how it is to be in a relationship.
     on monday i leave for our trip to cabo san lucas. so right now im trying to get my mind set on what i would need for the trip. i really haven't written in my journal. it should be 3 years that i havent written in it, and it was a present from a close friend. lets see....its 1:30 A.M. and i feel like my mind is really open! i cant describe it, some times i like to sit at night and smoke my pipe.
i just like to sit outside around this time. i would be smoking my pipe right now and be typing but my battery is about to die. what i like to do is just sit outside and think about my future and what i can do. there is so much i want to do, but of coarse there is one thing that stops! so far ive been trying to get out of my shell and discover with the little money i have(i'm a student, so i dont have that much time for work). 
    ive been reading a lot of this website that has caught my eye for a few years now. it is if you havent seen it and your a guy trying to revive the lost art of manlyhood. then thats the website for you! sorry ladies if your reading my blog!
     i cant really explain what i'm going through but it is a refresh way of how i see the world. As if im back to my depressed point of my life where my mind felt open and clear.
     Well i'll leave it to this since i like to leave my post with a quote. try to sit down and face a direction of your place and visualize your mind open and information just flow in and maybe you might feel the world open up to what it hides. your the only person that can get you anywhere. when you feel down, just know that something around the corner that will cheer you up and keep moving you forward.

p.s. next time i'll try to make a list of things to talk about! plus time flies and next thing you know its been acouple of weeks since the last post. im trying my best to write everyday if not every other day.

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