Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keep up

I havent done anything lately, ive been to a few beer tasting
on thursday i went to my local coffee shop and while having my coffee, i saw a guy smoking his pipe. i immediately went up to him and asked him about his tobacco. we talked for awhile about our pipes and where we get them. turns out he was there because starbucks had kicked him out for his pipe smoking. i was mad that i didnt take my pipe and lite up with him. the one day i dont take my pipe to school and i see another pipe smoker. i went home soon after that and smoked my pipe. i want to get another pipe!
Also i left my friend borrow my camera for a week. and turns out that i blew up with ideas with taking pictures but didnt have my camera. i want it back! i was going to do one a couple days ago with having a 2L bottle with holes in it and tie it up to a tree and take a shower while taking pictures like in the wilderness(with pants on of course). Now im just bored at home with nothing to do except draw study my french or watch a movie. but i dont feel motivated to do anything. ive been feeling down lately that i dont want to go out at all. and when i do i just regret and wish i was locked up in my room. I also need to buy a beach cruiser to ride around and not waste gas. i would bike to school and save some gas. Plus bring my camera along to take some pictures on the way. also smoke my pipe on the way to school. the breeze passing through me as i ride since its getting hot lately. hopefully tomorrow i get my camera back, i dont feel complete with out it. i miss my camera.
I entered a contest on Facebook(the only reason i got it was to enter the contest) when it was over i was going to delete it. but i didnt win i got runner up so i might win something.
Right now im just sitting here thinking of what to do while listening to benny goodman on my vinyl player. i might just go out and smoke a pipe before going to sleep
Thats me smoking my Peterson pipe while wearing my red Pendleton and taking pictures for the pendleton contest

And for the first time i smoked the pipe i restored from 1957 dr.grabow, this is me smoking it for the first time

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick Day

I got sick the other day so im just resting at home. i have a sore throat and basiclly a cold. i was watching movies all day and i remembered about chris farley. hes so funny! a comedic hero of mine. especially the skit about him living in a van down by the river and giving a talk to kids about drugs.
i couldnt smoke my pipe today, i was about to go but i felt dizzy. hopefully tomorrow. since i have to do a lot of things for school on tuesday. i started drawing also again. its been a while but i guess since its been a while ive gotten rusty at it. this is one drawing i did at school.
it looks better in person. but i got some good comments when i was drawing it in class. people thought i printed the eye out haha. i need to practice on my drawing real life. i like drawing surrelism like slavador dali
hopefully if im better tomorrow i'll go take a trip to the library to print out some stuff for school and take pictures on the way.
i hate being sick...
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