Friday, May 27, 2011

Pull in case of emergency

I am smoking a pipe that i made! i couldnt find a big drill bit to make the hole bigger so im stuck with a hole the size of my pinky. it smokes ok. im thinking of making a pipe as a present for my friends on christmas. i guess i have to start working on them. even though only 3 of my friends smoke a pipe i would make some for the rest as a shelf piece haha. its hard wanting to buy another pipe with no money.
this is the 2nd pipe i make. i dont know the wood. but it was hard to make the shape.
i had a topic to talk about today but i seemed to forgot it. damn! and i wanted to talk about something besides my rant about my views and problems.

Ive never smoked a cigar by myself. usually im with my friend that smokes cigars( i got him into pipe smoking). but i guess today is the day im going to. i am smoking a nestor miranda 1989 cigar. ive had it before and it was not that bad. ive been parring beers and cigars, and i have found that stone arrogant bastard ale goes good with a liga privada. if you cant afford it like me then i recomend going to a cigar shop and getting a house blend for way cheaper and almost taste the same. ive had the urge to smoke a cigar when i have been at home but never got around to do it. BUT when i thought about having a pipe the only problem was choosing what pipe and what tobacco.  but now that i have "manned up" and actually smoked a cigar while typing this. i think about what che guevara said "A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier".
to me it means that even though your alone a cigar is always there to keep you company(im just dumbing it down) ive remember i started into smoking cigars then later i got into pipe smoking. but during that time (when i had a job) i would buy cigars, i found a place in brea that was a cigar lounge. everyone that i met that smoked a cigar said " its an expensive habit" haha which we would start laughing. but from time to time i still have cigar. now that i think about it(off note) i should of made myself a cup of coffee to go with this cigar and rant about smoke. haha. im already half way through the cigar and it is real good. my cousin taught me a trick when you get to the end of a cigar when it starts tasting bad. he taught me how not to make it taste bad. haha i dont know how else to put it. but its your lucky day if you dont know this already. its the patty secret formula! 
when your cigar gets sour. just blow into the cigar for a while. it causes the oils that have moved back to get pushed forward and get burned. it will cause the cigar to get rid of its bad taste. im pretty sure a lot of cigar smokers know this trick. but there you go, you now know the secret!

   I went to my first meeting of the gbmc( gentelmans bear and moustache coalition) it was awesome! i had fun at the bar with them. there were people with awesome looking moustaches and one guy with a long beard. when i first got there i didnt know what to do. so i headed straight for the bar. a guy next to me complimented on my moustache and went over to the group of people of the coalition. i got a guiness. and headed towards the group. when i stood next to them for about 2 seconds alone. then turned around and greeted me and showed me everyone in the group. at first i was nervous but everyone was cool. we laughed we cried(haha im kidding about the last part) we swapted stories and had a blast. after that i didnt want to go home so i headed over to the coffee shop that was till open at 1 a.m. i sat there reading articles on blogger till 3 a.m. then headed home and slept.
All my friends are going some where this weekend. so im going to be home all by myself. but then again i am always alone haha. but i decided that im not going to Tennessee but instead im making a road trip to San Francisco. i know nobody wants to go or even able to go. so i guess im going by myself. which is ok. im only going for 2-3 days to take some pictures and look around. i found a nice hotel next to chinatown and its a pretty kool neighborhood. the only thing that concerns me is getting mugged or anything like that. since looking at myself i look like a kid haha. but i do guess its ok to go. i dont know anyone that would want to go. im basicly paying for everything. what to do i mean me paying, its my parents paying since im not going to Tennessee. so i have to figure out how much everything is going to cost. i was supposed to go a while back but all the people that were going to go bailed on me, so i had to postpone my trip but now im going for sure
    i guess i did end up ranting about myself. but in a positive way! next time im going write down what i am going to talk about. i didnt come prepared with notes as some teachers like to say.

Friday, May 20, 2011

what to do now....

Its been a while since i have logged into this. many ideas have ran through my head, so many options and theories. well... i finally got my beach cruiser and it has saved me a lot of gas. i ride to school and to places that i usually would take my car. i have stopped drinking since ive been noticing a "beer belly". im trying to eat healthy and not a lot of junk food. but there are times i get really hungry at school and give in and get junk food. and i get mad at myself after i realize what i have done. i have not started working out even though i should start to get in shape and get ready for beach season haha. Even though i only like to go to the beach when its cloudy. i dont even go in the water only when my friend plans trips to dana point. i still dont have a job, i recently started applying at jobs but never for a mcjob(food jobs). but its a little hard to apply when i am about to go to Tennessee for about 2 weeks. i miss it there, its so quite and peacefull. Which brings me to my next topic,solitude. ive been mostly been by myself, which i do like but there are times i wish people would call me to hang out and get a cup o' coffee.
        Funny thing is that i have to write a paper about social networking. which i did enjoy writting since i wrote about how it have ruined lives and made more people depended on technology. Just imagine 3 pages about a kid ranting about how technology has ruined lives. its funny. i believe in the good o' days were men were men and women were women. not to be sexist but where the man was in charge and the lady didnt have to worry about anything. im getting alittle off topic but we dont need "smart phones" or social networking sites. we are depending too much on technology. instead of stopping for directions we have screens to tell us where to go. and to leave someone a message we go on their page and leave a "message" also known as a comment. now people are talking behind a screen instead of getting together and talking. When you invite someone to hang out and talk they mostly ask about where and with who. if its nothing that they can get ahead on. they wont even bother to go. mostly 75% of so-called friends that i have asked to hang out. said no or they got things planned and wont bother to contribute another day. But i have gotten used to being alone and peffer it now. and when i go to the bar with my friend i see people on their phones on facebook. its a sad world out there.
        On a plus, i did go see Danzig and Amon Amarth live. it was fun! i went into the mosh pit and had a blash moshing with people double my size. i did get tossed around but i knew how to handle it. even though i went to those shows i still mostly listen to jazz and blues. right now im getting into playing blues guitar. its hard but im taking it show. my friend told me something funny when i told him that i was getting into blues guitar. he said "the bad thing about blues guitar is that you get stuck into blues and cant leave" haha we started laughing out loud.
         Ive been working on my photography and been getting better at it. i made my little "studio" in my garage where i have a lot of lights hooked up and a bed sheet as a background. i am my own model so i have to put the timer and run back and forth with taking pictures. seeing what i did wrong and what i can change. On a better note my friend asked me to be his photographer for his wedding. im scared but excited to get the ball rolling on my photography. he asked me and came by to see my work, but it was a little imberrasing showing portraits of myself. i still need to buy a lot of camera stuff before the wedding. he offered to buy the things i need for the wedding. but i said i'll buy them.
        So far a way ive been making money besides my mom giving $40 a week for gas. ive been driving around going to thrift stores and buying antiques and selling them online. i have found a lot of cool stuff that i want to keep but i know i have to sell them to make money. i bought this reproduction ayers sasperella sign that was cool, and i had to post it online so far no one has called me to buy it. but i did make some money selling my dads camper. he told me that if i sale it i can keep half. a guy texted me that he wanted it and to save it for him. then another guy called me and asked to buy it for more. but i kept my word and told the guy no. he understoud. i am a man of my word. plus it helped that my dad talked to me and i was reading a lot on the website
         To end tonight i am at mcClains coffee house ALONE. its been a while that i have gone out alone late. i used to do it at starbucks but they banned smoking. so im enjoying my coffee and smoking my pipe :] its nice being alone, you get to do whatever you want and when you want with out asking anyone what they want to do. but there are times i come with my friend mark. a old friend of mine even though i do get mad at him sometimes haha. with other friends it always ends up doing what ever they want and i just tag along. one of my friends never wants to go to the coffee house late at night or in the day. he says its lame and people think abunch of bullcrap. so he rather go to the bar and spend $5 on a beer than $1.50 on a coffee and get to sit down and relax while we dont have to scream to each other like at bars. i have a lot of stuff to write but i'll save it for another night. and maybe later on ill post up some pics of my photography. haha and i still havent written in my journal. but i did get a blank book where i draw at school on my free times. i guess tonight im not ending it with a crazy way to end a sentence or something cool. life is deppressing.... yeah i'll end it with that
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