Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

just posting up a video. Im too tired from hiking in the snow, i'll post up another thing about the hiking
They also have other good songs, like my personal favorite: we used to wait(from snl) & Sprawl II
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting/Rory Gallagher

i didnt do anything all day, so i decided to finish the painting. but i realized that it was coming out bad and i started putting random stuff on it.
             I went today to walk my dogs and smoke a pipe while listening to music. Nobody walks our dogs in my house, so i decided to walk them. The dogs havent been out on a walk that they would choke them selves and bark like crazy at dogs. Weird thing was that nobody was outside, like a zombie apocalypse happened. finished my pipe by the time i got home. Plus i sent my pendletons and pea coat to get dry cleaned and it only cost me$7! and they told me that it would be done by 4 'o clock saturday.
              i rediscovered my favorite guitar hero. Rory Gallagher, his music has helped me throught depression and lonely times. I was listening to him loud in my car while i made a trip to guitar center for some strings. One song i started playing on the guitar was "a million miles away"

Another good song from his is "bullfrog blues"

  theres lots more good songs from him
When they asked jimi hendrix " How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world?"
he replied "i dont know, ask rory gallagher"

Friday, January 7, 2011


I went to the thrift store, and i found pendletons! for only $20! it was a steal!
the first one i bought i paid $ 100, but it was a different style. but im going to take them tomorrow to get dry clean along with my pea coat. So far i have 3 shirts, i wanted to have atleast 7 for a shirt one day out of the year. The dry cleaners is right next to the islands cigar lounge, so i can have a cigar while i wait for my clothes to get dry cleaned

On the other note i took the movie hang 'em high with clint eastwood at islands, but i didnt get to finish it. right now im watching the movie "The Little Rascals." I never realized that the movie is filled with older people jokes. There's a part when darla is talking to alfalfa and she says" alfalfa, arent you going to be my boy toy?" haha. I dont remember that part or noticed all those parts when i would watch that movie when i was a kid. This movie makes me laugh. If you want your kids to grow up corrupted like the rest of us then let them see this movie....just kidding.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, Childhood Memories

This time im writing about childhood memories, not about villains haha
i found this video years ago, but i recently found it and it made me realize about getting that present you always wanted. haha im pretty sure not every one went crazy like this kid

it makes me laugh every time, i remember when i got my first nintedo-64, my father hid it and showed us the box, and told my sister and i to look for it(he hid it in the closet). we were excited to find it, the game that came with it was "diddy kong racing" we had a lot of fun playing it and inviting my cousins and friends to play.
Looking at pictures, makes me think that it was easier when you were a child. You didnt have to work or pay rent or even deal with things that you deal today. You would go to school then go home and play video games or play with toys. good times
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