Friday, January 7, 2011


I went to the thrift store, and i found pendletons! for only $20! it was a steal!
the first one i bought i paid $ 100, but it was a different style. but im going to take them tomorrow to get dry clean along with my pea coat. So far i have 3 shirts, i wanted to have atleast 7 for a shirt one day out of the year. The dry cleaners is right next to the islands cigar lounge, so i can have a cigar while i wait for my clothes to get dry cleaned

On the other note i took the movie hang 'em high with clint eastwood at islands, but i didnt get to finish it. right now im watching the movie "The Little Rascals." I never realized that the movie is filled with older people jokes. There's a part when darla is talking to alfalfa and she says" alfalfa, arent you going to be my boy toy?" haha. I dont remember that part or noticed all those parts when i would watch that movie when i was a kid. This movie makes me laugh. If you want your kids to grow up corrupted like the rest of us then let them see this movie....just kidding.

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