Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting/Rory Gallagher

i didnt do anything all day, so i decided to finish the painting. but i realized that it was coming out bad and i started putting random stuff on it.
             I went today to walk my dogs and smoke a pipe while listening to music. Nobody walks our dogs in my house, so i decided to walk them. The dogs havent been out on a walk that they would choke them selves and bark like crazy at dogs. Weird thing was that nobody was outside, like a zombie apocalypse happened. finished my pipe by the time i got home. Plus i sent my pendletons and pea coat to get dry cleaned and it only cost me$7! and they told me that it would be done by 4 'o clock saturday.
              i rediscovered my favorite guitar hero. Rory Gallagher, his music has helped me throught depression and lonely times. I was listening to him loud in my car while i made a trip to guitar center for some strings. One song i started playing on the guitar was "a million miles away"

Another good song from his is "bullfrog blues"

  theres lots more good songs from him
When they asked jimi hendrix " How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world?"
he replied "i dont know, ask rory gallagher"

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