Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, Childhood Memories

This time im writing about childhood memories, not about villains haha
i found this video years ago, but i recently found it and it made me realize about getting that present you always wanted. haha im pretty sure not every one went crazy like this kid

it makes me laugh every time, i remember when i got my first nintedo-64, my father hid it and showed us the box, and told my sister and i to look for it(he hid it in the closet). we were excited to find it, the game that came with it was "diddy kong racing" we had a lot of fun playing it and inviting my cousins and friends to play.
Looking at pictures, makes me think that it was easier when you were a child. You didnt have to work or pay rent or even deal with things that you deal today. You would go to school then go home and play video games or play with toys. good times

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