Friday, December 31, 2010

Pray for Villains

Not just an album for devildriver(awesome band)
            But sometimes you just have to pray for villains. I have slowly realized that i always go for the villains in movies or comic books. Just think about it, heroes just lay back and do nothing. While the villains have to plan and do much hard work. Then the heroes come along and destroy everything.
            After everything that has happened in life, i feel that i favorite more villains than anything. When your having a bad day and everything isnt going good, you just want to reek some havoc. I've been let down a lot and broken down, that i dont see life the same way with smiles and "rainbows" or "unicorns". Like i have to "destroy something beautiful." as quoted from Fight Club. I'm not a bad guy, im fun to be around and crack some jokes and have a blast. but on the inside, im rotting away with how i see things and think about myself.
             I favor villains so much that i grew out my moustache, but not for that reason only. I also like the era of growing out your moustache(est.late 1880's).
(copyright "Meet the Robinsons")
             You can kind of put my perspective like in a movie, the kid looks up to the hero and is let down from his hero, Then comes the villains to show the kid a better life and show him what to learn. thats how i would put my life. but then again i wish not to reek havoc on people or do anything bad, Just live my life.
              Some of my favorite villains would be: The joker(from the first batman show), bowler hat guy, the riddler, michael myers, zombies(they always win), theres more but i cant think of any at the moment.
              Some people are just full of crap and think they are better than everything one. Thats when a villain should come out and kick him off his high-horse. But that kind of sounds like a hero so scratch that last part it didnt make sense. Lets just leave it as this....some days, you just have to pray for villains

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