Thursday, December 30, 2010

What to title this?

Christmas was fun, if i could remember most of it
ive been just at home or with friends and trying to learn stick-shift(i got the hang of it)
i bought this thing so i can print out pictures just for the fun of it
its small and i could carry it around, i just need to get the point and shoot camera to take everywhere
i took a picture of all my pipes, i got a good collection but need more! haha
left to right: 1unknown pipe(my first pipe i bought that started this whole mess)2 unknown pipe, 3 unknown pipe, 4 white imported briar, 5 dr.grabow straight, 6 old dr.grabow 3/4 bent(year:1956,restored myself ), 7 isreal briar, 8 unknown favorite pipe, 9 Peterson shamrock, 10 Peterson ARAN (1998), 11 peterson straight, 12 Savinelli straight, 13 corn cob, 14 corn cob, 15 davy crockett pipe, 16 long pipe from a friend, 17(not shown in pic) calabash
       Thats all the pipes i have and i enjoy smoking them, its helping me quit from smoking ciggs
        i love smoking a pipe and relaxing, i almost carry one with me at all times, but i still havent found the right one i really want, i walk my dog and smoke my pipe but its not easy picking up the poop (haha)
this is one of my hobbies & also taking pictures
      I bought this today at wal-mart, i might wear it tomorrow
its a shirt of Popeye, but i dont know what to do tomorrow, i have to find something to do
i might just go to the beach to take pics or just drive around
      But on another note, the year is almost up and i found out that i havent written in my journal that my friend gave me, i need to update it but dont seem to find the time. I'm also stocked up on books that i need to read.
i grew out my handle bar moustache! i can curl it and everything. finally this is the 2nd time i grow it out this year.  i'll try to take a picture of it and post it on here

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