Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick Day

I got sick the other day so im just resting at home. i have a sore throat and basiclly a cold. i was watching movies all day and i remembered about chris farley. hes so funny! a comedic hero of mine. especially the skit about him living in a van down by the river and giving a talk to kids about drugs.
i couldnt smoke my pipe today, i was about to go but i felt dizzy. hopefully tomorrow. since i have to do a lot of things for school on tuesday. i started drawing also again. its been a while but i guess since its been a while ive gotten rusty at it. this is one drawing i did at school.
it looks better in person. but i got some good comments when i was drawing it in class. people thought i printed the eye out haha. i need to practice on my drawing real life. i like drawing surrelism like slavador dali
hopefully if im better tomorrow i'll go take a trip to the library to print out some stuff for school and take pictures on the way.
i hate being sick...

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