Sunday, March 27, 2011


i got the idea of dressing up and taking pictures. but its hard to take pictures with one person. running back and forth. i try to capture the image of being in the early 1900's. i have many picture ideas but i need another person but i never get around to contacting them or doing it. either it rains or we had to do something.
above: hearing news that we are going to war
                                                                     waiting for the train that never came
                                                    relaxing from a hard days work

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  1. Hello Sir:

    I just noticed that you were listed as a follower of my blog, so I stopped by to view yours. I must say that your "historical" photographs are VERY good. As an avid photographer myself, I appreciate greatly your efforts.

    I would say you are right about not shaving off your moustache (nor shaving off the handlbar aspect either). You will find the right woman who appreciates your moustache and you and your pipes. For me, I have worn a moustache and beard since I was 19... that is many decades now. My wife, nor my kids have ever seen me WITHOUT a beard and moustache.

    I hope that you visit my blog sometime and perhaps comment. I will be coming back to view your blog more often. I hope that you will keep taking pictures and keep writing!



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