Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Salvador Dali

i submitted this online, its my tribute to salvador dali. but i should of made it look more like the pic

i love photography, i have a deviant art profile that i upload pics. i used to have a myspace for it but decided to delete it. i wish i could carry my camera with me everywhere but im afraid of getting it stolen, since i dont have a job. i see so many great things everywhere but i dont have my camera. i was thinking about using my phone but its not the same.
yes! i started smoking my pipes again! the only reason i didnt smoke them, was because it was too cold outside but now it seems ok to go out and smoke my pipe while i walk my dog.. but i havent taken my pipes to school. but i will one day. at school it seems im the only one with a handle bar moustache. theres been times where i wanted to shave it. but i kept it, knowing i would regret it in the end. i guess im just looking for a girlfriend but no one wants a guy who has a moustache(haha). ive said before that i would keep my moustache even though i might be single for the rest of my life.
i have no money to buy any pipes, but i do have a lot of tobacco. i was smart to buy different ones in bulk.
i carry around a little black note book that fits in my pocket, so i can write down ideas or reminders. It has been working well! i have so many pic ideas when im outside. everyman should carry; a hankercheif, note book, and a comb! i love learning about the idealism of man, the was a man should be and carry himself. while taking care of his family and lady. im an old fashion guy.
now a days i see people and they are rude to one another. it makes me sick being in public with anyone like that. why cant you just walk down the street and say hello to a random stranger. or not even be afraid of getting "jumped" or mugged by anyone. society has let me down. dont get me wrong there is some nice people out in the world. but i guess they are too busy staying at home and afraid of meeting people. times have change, even though i didnt live through the old times. i still believe to this day i was born in the wrong time. i sometimes look at pictures and wish i could be there. not like now where technology is almost scratching your ass for you. it seems times were simplier back then. people rely too much on technology.
p.s. i still havent written in my journal. i guess some day my children will not know how it was to live in this time haha.

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