Sunday, March 13, 2011

Close yet far

i haven't written on this in a while, ive been too busy doing random stuff. but it has felt like i havent done anything
on feb 15 was my birthday, and on the saturday the 19 i threw a party. it got crazy but no cops came. everyone had fun. i have no money so i havent bought a pipe in a while even though i quit my job
i saw one of my favorite band play and it was a 21+(i turned 21 on the 15)
i havent done much, just living day by day and trying to have fun
i dont make plans so when people ask me what ive done i just simply reply "i dont know i cant remember" haha
heres  some pics of the party and i'll try to write in this. i still havent written in my journal but i need too
thats me and my cousin haha
lets see what i'll do tomorrow and write and get my head together since of school


  1. Just wanted to say happy blated birthday (1 month late ha sorry)
    You know how to celebrate. A Pipe wouldve been your gift =P
    Well take care

  2. Hey I'm adding friends to my y messenger update it .if you wan to add


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