Sunday, September 9, 2012

Got my new computer!

Yes ladies and gentlemen i got my new computer for school! i now go to cypress college! and im a full time student! Well to update you all on my life since i cant remember when was the last time i wrote on here. Almost 2 years ago my computer crashed(dont worry it wasnt porn) i had no other computer since i sold my mom a netbook(which are horrible!) so now that im going to school my mom decided to buy me a laptop since she bought my sister a MAC. for the record i dont like macs, too much for it and junk. so i got myself an HP pavilion Dv6t-7000! Costume made to my liking! i got it a few days earlier than expected!
      i was in the photo room developing some pictures for my photography class(which is great!) i decided to get a break since i need to make up the hours for my class. i checked up on my phone to see where it was and it was already at my house! i quickly clocked out and drove straight home! when i saw it i was so happy! it was all mine! :]      well i guess im going to start from now backwards to last time i wrote on here.

So as some as you know i had metro pcs(sucks!) my mom wouldnt let me get a new phone and the company said i had to upgrade my plan to a new one to buy one. so my gf and i went to t-mobile just to check out phones. next thing you know im signing up for a new phone! so they let me pick out a phone and whooala! i got the samsung galaxy s 4g! i love it! my mom was mad and didnt talk to me for a few days lol. then a month later my mom and sister  join my plan!

     what else has happened to me....after so many years of being single and not landing a date since i was a shy negative person. i found a beautiful girl that i fell in love with. she is different than any girl i have ever seen! she is great, she laughs at my jokes and get along just fine! we are close to our anniversary in 2 months. i dont know what to do since ive never lasted that long with anyone. but hopefully things go great.

i guess im going to write to here today and write tomorrow because i have to finish reading my photography book.

p.s: these are the things im going to talk about next time.
-moving to northern CALI
-moving back to southern CALI
-my relationship
-my deppression
-getting a free xbox360(even though i want a ps3)
-still smoking my pipes
-got more pipes from friends and family
-still have my handlebar moustache
-got into baseball(go angles!)

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