Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Day 04: something green
i should of posted this yesterday, but i never got the chance to do it, plus i left my camera at home. but later on i will do one of day 5 and thats a high angle photo. i plan on going to the beach for the day 5 entry
i cant think of anything thats green except the grass outside!
i remembered seeing this Peterson st. patricks day pipe 2008
          Its a nice pipe but its a funny looking one too! Because of the green. I wouldnt buy it out of the blue, but it would be a nice pipe to add to my collection.
          One day i do hope to buy a large pipe, like an ardor, mario grandi, and/or a magnum. You see pipefriendchs(youtube) with a lot of large pipes, you should check out his youtube channel, besides talking about pipes and cigars. He talks about stuff going around the world. Plus he talks about news in a humorous ways.
Here is a link to his youtube page:

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