Tuesday, August 9, 2011

walking and getting lost....

sorry i haven't written in a while. my computer broke down a while ago and ive been using the labtop. its hard to load up images and links. so next time i write on this i will have my computer fixed.
i got a couple of tattoos. i got the gentleman's beard and mustache coalition. i became a member last month! plus i got the stonecutters tattoo on my foot(the simpsons reference). i cant wait for the L.A. beard and mustache competition. in 6 days! i will try to take pictures. my mustache anniversary is coming up in 2 months! i dont know what i will do to celebrate. also me and my friend are going to start to grow out our beards! we will try to recruit everyone to put their razors one for a while and grow!
here is the link to the L.A. competition http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117836558309315
plus ive been getting a lot of pipes from people. thanks a lot! so far i have 30 pipes! now im having a hard time picking which pipe to smoke! i will try to take a picture to show everyone
i started learning about how to become a barber. i started straight shaving people. im really good! some people say. i try to get appointments to shave people. but i do have to travel. plus cutting peoples hair. my mom is teaching me since she has a degree in barbering (i think thats what you call you)



  1. lol, love the Stone Cutters.

  2. haha i will post up a pic soon, but im thinking about getting a duff can tattoo also


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