Saturday, June 25, 2011

to smoke a pipe

    At the coffee shop after seeing my cousins bands play. my house doesnt have internet anymore. i have to look for another internet provider. but i got 4 new pipes and some peterson sherlock holmes tobacco for my sherlock holmes jar. i have to take a picture of the cool new pipes. but i brought them here to smoke. they are called " wally frank"i bought 4 for only $25! i counted all the pipes i have, i have 26 pipes in my room, 24 that i bought and 2 that i made. but im going to post up pictures of my trip to san francisco. all i can say is life is going good right now...
tunnel before leaving

sighting of a banksy art work

brooklyn bride(i know its not called that)

a park we found

its funny what the sign say( no stopping cat!)

waiting for the cable car

alcatraz from afar
    my friend was right, there is a lot of art in san francisco. i was too busy seeing everything to pull out my camera and take pics. i blame myself. next trip we are going to las vegas

on another note i took this picture in my "studio" and liked it a lot. i got the bandana from GBMC.

nobody knows that the id number is from my name is earl. when earl went to jail, that was his number
"my name is 28301-016" - Earl Hickey

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