Sunday, June 19, 2011

walking down the street

Decided on having a late night pipe. I dont feel like writing today. the only thing i did this week was go to san francisco. i'll post some pictures up and write more tomorrow.
I found a video of harold lloyd. its really good

    As most of my friends know i love jazz and the whole early 1900's. Besides listening to THE SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS all the time. i do know about more bands
a video that i found thanks to HENRIK was

I found 2 pipe stores in San Francisco. one was on market street and the other was  in front of fishermans warf. i bought the tin "salvanelli special tobacco" and at the other i bought a house blend cigar and calabash pipe. when i got home from my trip i noticed i got another pipe in the mail. it was a dr. grabow viking pipe
im going to sign out since i hear a bunch of kids outside my house

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