Thursday, June 9, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

    I got my new pipe couple of days ago.
when i was looking at it on eBay. i thought it wasnt a good looking pipe. but since i dont have any money, i thought what the hulk, i'll get it! it only cost $12. but when i got it in the mail it looked o-k. i noticed the  mouthpiece was a little discolored and i asked my friend how he cleaned his. i did what he told me and it looked almost new! it smokes good and is easy to hold in my mouth. i guess i should have thought about the quote "dont judge a book by its cover."  i counted how many pipes i have and discovered that i have 20 pipes!
                                                                              its about 5" long and 2" high
       This is my "beat laboratory" what i mean by that is i sit here and write in my blog or read if i want to have a pipe. Like ive said before i'll occasionally have a cigar while doing this. but its a lot harder when you have a cigar in your mouth and your trying to pipe. even though i have a lucky strike ash tray. it wont hold a cigar. but i managed to still type.
       Also i joined this pipe smokers blog. there should be a blue button on the side. it will direct you to another blog that has a list of pipe smokers with their own blogs and ideas!

      On memorial day, i was completely surprised by what i saw and heard. My father and i were looking for a place to eat. but knowing it was memorial day i knew a lot of shops would close early. we decided to go to a subway. the one nearest to our house. we went and with our luck. it was closed! so we decided to go to a mom and pop burger joint. when we were getting near. we saw a subway about a block away and it was open. we went and we were ordering our subs. The lady was nice that was making our food. when it came to pay. she started talking in spanish. so knowing my dad he asked" so you know spanish" and she replied "yes i do." funny thing was she wasnt mexican haha. she told us that she was from Russia. i was surprised. she started telling us that she would constantly visit South America and learned the language. Though i thought that i hated being around people. i thought people were just simple minded(atleast the people that live around me). and here was this lady that knew russian, english, and spanish. people like that are hard to find these days. to actually go and learn another language. or to even try to learn something new. those are the people im proud of. Im having a hard time trying to learn french. but i still keep trying.
       On Friday (6-3-11) i was at home bored out of my mind. i had nothing to do. my friend told me about this art walk that Fullerton has ever month. so i decided to go. i went to this first place that was in an alley(what a great place for an art gallery) when i entered the gallery. i saw this little kid like the age of 7 drawing his heart out. he was trying to draw a person. you could buy a picture if you donated $1 for the foundation. it was cute seeing draw something out. knowing me i didnt have any money so i couldnt buy one of his master pieces. i walked along the area seeing the art work of many people from all ages and experiences. it inspired me to work more on my photography. i took my camera and took pictures of the places that i went to. i had no one to take so i was there by myself.
          The next day i went to the gentlemans beard and moustache coalition art show, it was called "play at your own risk" i took my friend mark and introduced him to everyone. they gave us a beer(we are of age to drink) and walked around seeing everything. there are some art that i would have never thought about doing. after that my friend had to go to sleep to get up super early to go to work. with having nothing to do. i went to my cousins gig in a bar in Whittier. i saw them play and it was awesome. its always fun seeing them play live.
            Just yesterday i had the opportunity to get my smiley pierced again. the picture isnt my mouth but its to show what i got. it didnt hurt at all. a lot of people dont like it. but i like it. ive had it before and took it off since i was visiting the dentist to get a check up and what not. so i decided to take it off. i contacted my piercer and told her if she could do it again and she said yes. i finally went and got it done. the next thing i want to do is get a dermal anchor. it cost about $60 to do it. but i have to say money. i want to get it on my ring finger. to it could mean that i wont get married since marriage has gone down over the years. people think im crazy but i dont want to get married. i want to live alone. but they just say that i will find someone. i gave up on finding someone and trying to make it work.
           On a good note i fixed my pipe lighter. before it didntzippo pipe lighter. that was made for pipe tobacco. today i looked at it and messed around with it. and i noticed that the spark wasnt close to the part that lets out gas. i moved it over and was surprised that it did work. so now i can save money and use my lighter. it also has tools for the pipe so thats a plus.
            In a couple of days im going to be making a trip to San Francisco! i know i talked about it before im excited to go.
I recently saw the hangover 2 and it was funny. i heard a lot of reviews about it. but my friend wanted to see it. i wanted to see Thor but i thought eh what the hulk lets go see it! i did like the movie and it was funny. there were some surprises in there that i didnt expect. plus i liked it more because Ed Helms is super funny.  he is really funny on the show "the office" i love that show. i tend to tell me people that it is my "novela." people look at me weird when i say that but i like to see the show on my free time(which is all the time haha)

         To end this thing im going to share a funny story that happened to me when i was in high school. it was 2008 my last year of high school. i had a photography class and i had a girlfriend during that time that had that class. i dont know how long we were together. but we were in the dark room developing some pictures. it was dark but there was a light that made it easier for us to see. but it was still dark! so we were there and i thought "hey! ill give her a kiss" so i went for it and completely missed! and poked her eye with my nose! she immediately said "oww my eye!" and walked out. after finally my brain processed everything that just happened i started laughing out loud! i think everyone outside could of heard me. i went outside and saw her with her friends holding her eye. i tried to hold back the laughter. i cant remember what happened after that but i know we joked about it a lot after that. it kind of reminds me of the show Doug and what happened to him with the girl he liked. if the lady that got her eye poked by me and your reading this, im sorry. but it was funny though.
if your trying to be a good boyfriend and you try to land a surprise kiss. just think about what would happen. and dont let it happen to you!          

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